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Prize game to celebrate 100,000 hits!

And the winner is... Mariano Joaquín of Argentina! Of the 5 words Mariano picked, 3 are sure winners! Simply amazing. Congratulations! (Game introduction and rules are in the bottom part of this page.)

Mariano's 5 words are
PERFECT This is THE word I am expecting from you. "Prost" has become synonymous with this word, "Perfect". So how can you not pick this one?
RECOGNIZED "Recognized" is another sure winner. Winner of the Champion of Champions Trophy & World Sports Award of the Century, 4-time F1 World Champion, 4-time close runner-up, record holder of 51 Grand Prix wins, 41 fastest laps, 798.5 championship points, 106 podium finishes... Prost, recognized winner and professor, no doubt.
OUTSTANDING Prost's driving is unique and outstanding. He's fast but reliable. He goes for the limit but never goes over it. The finesse he has in his driving is unmatchable. Outstanding, how true.
SUPERLATIVE Well, if one is Perfect, Recognized and Outstanding, he's of course superlative. Wonder if anyone has considered "Superman"?!
TEACHER Mariano's ultimate winner! "The Professor" has taught many, myself included, what F1 should be. If not for him, I wouldn't have realized that F1 can be a safe and healthy sport. He has brought another dimension into the sport. People who don't admire Prost are those who fail to get into that dimension, the dimension of wisdom, sport spirit and the value of life. Merci, Le Professeur! Thank you, Mariano!

Why? The Game Prize and Rules

In July 1996, "The Prostist Page" was moved to GLINK.NET.HK and renamed to "Alain Prost". The hit counter was reset. In March 1997, it was renamed to "Alain Prost Grand Prix Homepage" which, together with many other great "Prostist" sites on the web, has been one of the cornerstones of the "Prostist" web-network. Although in 1998 my home computer crashed and for some months I was unable to update the website frequently, fellow Prostists had not abandoned APGPHP. I'm truly grateful for your support.

Now we're approaching the 100,000-hit milestone and I would like to celebrate it with you all with a game - Prost-it!

Alan Wong

Think of 5 English words starting with P, R, O, S and T which best describe "Prostism". For example:

Professor Reigns Over Super Talents



Email your 5 magic words to me on or before 31.12.2000. Make sure the email has the subject "Prost-it!".

Winner will be awarded a Marlboro Alain Prost T-shirt OR Prost Peugeot T-shirt at the winner's own choice!

The Marlboro T-shirt is a small-size, old but brand new T-shirt with a sketch of Alain's face. The Prost-Peugeot T-shirt is a medium-size, new white T-shirt with a "Prost-Peugeot Formula One" logo.

Each person may only submit one answer. I shall be the one and only adjudicator and my decision is final.    If I cannot contact the winner in January, 2001, the prize will go to the 1st runner-up. So make sure that the return email address is correct. I'll of course pay for the shipment as well.