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Full nameAlain Marie Pascal PROST
HonoursLegion d'Honneur (France, '85)
Champion of Champions Trophy (Grand Prix Former Drivers Club, '88)
OBE (Britain, '93)
World Sports Awards of the Century (November, '99)
NicknamesProfessor of the Track
The Calculator
Fast Son of a Bitch (by Niki Lauda)
The King of Rio (6 wins in Brazil, 5 in Rio de Janeiro)
Date of birth24 Feb. 1955
Place of birthSt. Chamond, France
CharacteristicsCharmingly crooked nose, broken in several occasions
Spouse nameAnne-Marie Prost
No. of children2 sons, 1 daughter: Nicolas, Sacha & Victoria
Place of livingNyon, Switzerland
Career achievements Formula One
85,86,89,93 F1 World Champion
83,84,88,90 World Runner-up
51 GP wins
798.5 championship points
106 podium finishes
41 fastest laps
record 6 home GP wins
running "Prost GP" from 1997 to 2001

Andros Trophy Championship
2006-2007, 2007-2008, 2011-2012 Champion

Q&A (taken from The Official Canon Williams European Grand Prix 1993 Edition)
What is your least favourite food?Mexican food and bad red wine
Who was your first sporting hero?Jackie Stewart
What sporting event would you take as your "desert island" video?A good golf tournament
Who do you most respect in your sport?Motorsport marshals
Which moment in your career brought you the most pleasure in career?Winning the Winfield School Racing Scholarship and
the F1 World Championship in 1986
Which are your favourite sport to watch/compete in?Golf/cycling/football/skiing
Your least favourite?Rugby League
Which is the most arduous?Tour de France
How do you regard the media?With suspicion and care
Which sport would you least like to referee/umpireRugby League
Who would you pay to see?Cindy Crawford
What is your earliest sporting memorySkiing in the French Alps
What is sporting perfection?There is no such thing.
(Alain is wrong. The answer is: "Prost".)
When might you cheat?Never
What else could you have done for a living?Working with my father making furniture
or as a professional footballer
What was your biggest professional mistake?Over confidence with some people
Who personifies the term "sportsmanlike"?Carl Lewis
Are sport and politics mutually exclusive?No
Which sporting moment made you laugh the most?Every year in France we have a sporting "It'll be alright on the night" -
there is always something that makes me laugh - but nothing that sticks in my mind.
What is your favourite record?Everything from Paul Simon/Elton John
Which city would you most like to live in?Paris