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APGPHPs 10 conclusions from the 2007 season

1. Kimi deserves the title
He probably would win it too had he chosen to stay at McLaren.

2. Lewis is not ready yet
He is unlucky but it is good to Lewis Hamilton that he didn't win the title. He has valuable lessons to learn. Sheer talent is not enough. (Ayrton Senna was talented. He used his talent to commit the worst crime in the history of any sport, almost killing Alain Prost to win his the 1990 world title.) If a driver is to achieve anything on the track, he needs to stay on the track and finish the race. His move on Alonso in Brazil was a clear indication that he has let emotion and ego get the better of him.

3. Alonso is only a Senna.
Canada and Japan explains why Jarno Trulli out-performed Fernando Alonso by far when they were teammates at Renault. Hungary qualifying reminds us of a certain Michael Schumacher in Monaco qualifying last year. But Alonso had a point to make. He proved that he is in fact a Senna by forcing his teammate out of the track, repeating Senna's move on Prost in Estoril'88. Prost was next to a wall and had no where to go. (Hey! This "wall" will be mentioned again.) But even Senna, the most negative figure ever existed in human sport history, knew he had to give space in the end. Images of Alonso brake-testing David Coulthard in Nurburgring'03 keep coming to mind. Was he not given chances to wash them away?

4. Dream team's success is not Ron's
McLaren's past success in teaming up 2 champion drivers (Lauda and Prost, Prost and Rosberg) is not up to Ron. It's down to the drivers. If you have a Senna, or if you have an Alonso, who can't put up with a fair fight on track, you don't have a "team".

5. Ferrari is a dream team
No, Kimi Raikkonen, Felipe Massa and Jean Todt don't make a dream team. Adding Michael Schumacher, Luca Badoer, Marc Gene, Ross Brawn and Michelle Yeoh doesn't make a dream team. It must include Nigel Stepney. Who else contributed the most in bringing Ferrari the constructors' championship? Talk about good management.

6. Ferrari needed Massa in 1990
Alain Prost would have defended his title in 1990 driving a Ferrari if he had Eddie Irvine, Rubens Barrichello or Felipe Massa as his teammate. But then in Ferrari there was a certain Nigel Mansell who, starting from an all-Ferrari front row, pushed his Ferrari teammate Prost against a wall right from the start, allowing both McLarens to pass by. Alain won in Spain but what happened in Portugal gave Senna the "option" of running Prost out of the track in Japan to clinch the world title. Senna duly took that option, in killing speed. Yes, in 2 different teams Prost was sandwiched twice in between his teammate and the very same wall!

7. Max Mosley is jealous with McLaren for making all the headlines
What other reason would drive one into saying crazy things like these: "There's one particular ex-driver who because he never stops talking, never has the chance to listen - so he doesn't know what's going on. He said the FIA's decision would not have worked in a civil court. He has no qualification to say that. Then he starts saying this is personal between me and Ron Dennis, at great length, because everything he does is at extreme length. It's annoying that some of the sponsors listen to him because he's won a few championships. But nobody else in Formula One does - not the teams, not the drivers. He's a figure of fun among drivers. He goes round dressed up as a 1930s music hall man. He's a certified halfwit." And he is talking about Sir Jackie Stewart, probably the most respected driver in GP history.

8. Pitlanes will be wider than racetracks in near future
Some day some mechanics will be killed because of a stupid car crash in the pitlane. FIA must think about something to stop stupid and dangerous behaviour like we saw in Nurburgring this year when Alonso so nearly hit Fisichella when he came out of the pit. It's happening so often now. We have the stupid pitlane speed limit but it turns out that people's stupidity has no limit! Eventually we'll need pitlanes that are wider than racetracks!

9. We miss Suzuka
Nothing to do with the Fuji track, but we miss Suzuka. That is because we never forget it was where Senna nearly killed Prost on Oct 21, 1990, exactly 17 years before Kimi Raikkonen won his first title.

10. Alain Prost Grand Prix Homepage is the best
But Oskar Schuler's is better!

Alan Wong
October 23, 2007