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Suzuka Special 2004
August 2004

Where were you when Senna nearly killed Prost?

Before the San Marino GP this year, fans of Ayrton Senna said through the media how good they thought Ayrton Senna was. It was fine for me, as long as they kept to the facts. But they didnít. They tried to sugar-coat the way he won the 1990 World Championship: by almost killing his opponent, Alain Prost.

Is it fair to F1 by hiding the facts? Is it fair to our younger generation that has not seen what Senna did in the 1990 Japanese Grand Prix?

No. We must face history and learn from it. After reading below you will know why I am not letting history get behind me.

Where I was when Senna nearly killed Prost

October 21, 1990. At that time Hong Kong didnít have a lot of live coverage of F1 races. Luckily, the Japanese GP was one of the few that were shown live, and I was thus able to witness history: the death of F1.

I stayed home alone to watch the race. Senna was on pole and Prost was on P2. Just like 1988 and 1989. In both previous occasions Prost was able to take the lead into the First Curve right from the start. I was hoping that it would repeat in 1990.

At the same time, I also feared the worst. Prostís only chance to defend his World Champion title was to win the race. The media already hinted that Senna might choose to finish it by playing dirty: crashing Prost out of the race. But even the nastiest media could not imagine how disgusting Senna actually did it.

The race started. In just a few seconds, perhaps even shorter, Prostís Ferrari got completely in front of Sennaís McLaren. Prost so positioned himself that he could enter the First Curve, a right-hander, at fifth gear. But no, he never got that far. Senna, fully behind, simply stepped on the accelerator, crashed fully into Prostís Ferrari on purpose and pushed him all the way off the track onto the gravel.

A plan very well worked out.

I was sitting on the sofa. I donít know when I stood up but subconsciously I got on my feet. I probably tried to shout but my mouth didn't let me. It just stayed open. The commentators were probably saying something but I heard nothing. Nothing at all.

Finally I said something which I could remember. ďRed flag. Show me the red flag.?/p>

My brain ordered my mouth to say something to deceive myself from the fact that Prost might have been killed already.

Dust on the gravel began to settle. Much to my relief I saw Prost climb out of his car, apparently not injured. It was like I saw Jesus help Prost out of his wrecked car. It was not until then that I regained consciousness. I thanked God. Finally I could hear something: my heartbeat ?BOM! BOM! BOM! ?It was like it once stopped. Sound coming out from TV still didn't make any sense to me.

ďRed flag. Show me the red flag.?/p>

I said the same words again, like a fool talking to nobody. But now I meant it. Now, instead of trying to deceive myself, I was indeed hoping for a restart.

If you think all these were terrible enough, you are wrong. For I saw not only Jesus. I saw Satan.

TV showed Ayrton Senna took off his helmet. He was calm but not for long. His fans were there behind the fence, and they were waving to him, celebrating Sennaís second world title.

Senna smiled. The ugliest smile Iíve ever seen. He waved back to his fans celebrating for himself. I realized what was happening. Satan was taking over the world.

TV then showed the words: 1990 World Champion Ayrton Senna. I was still calling for red flag.

I stayed in front of the TV all day, waiting for FISA to disqualify Ayrton Senna from the world championship. It never happened. FISA president, Balestre, said later that it was a scandal but they couldnít do anything to stop Senna from being crowned new world champion.

This is terrible enough you think? No! The most terrible thing, let me tell you, was that there were still Sennaís fans on this planet, would you beileve?!! They were celebrating, justifying Sennaís satanic deed as a revenge to Suzuka?9 when Sennaís reckless overtaking cost Prost a sure victory.

This was all too much for me. I had nightmares for many weeks to come. When I went out I couldnít stop myself from thinking: what if this person coming towards me a fan of Senna. When I crossed a road I was thinking what if the driver in the coming car a fan of Senna. How could I get out of this dark world ruled by Satan! HELP!

You really think I can forget all these? I am ready to keep this painful experience to myself, but not if I see someone trying to change history, claiming that Senna could have been 7-time world champion, for example.

You really think Senna won something in 1990? You really think Satan won a brilliant battle? No! God won it by saving Prost's life. In the end, life is the single most important thing. All Senna won by promising his soul to Satan was a stupid world championship that every sane mind knows is not his. He lost everything else.

I am writing this article to reassure those who try to change history that they will not succeed. Whenever they try, we shall react.

Join me to condemn violence. Make F1 a sport! Tell us where you were when Senna nearly killed Prost. Thank you!

Where they were when Senna nearly killed Prost

DAMON HILL - 1996 World Champion - "I was so angry about what I had seen that I couldn't get back to sleep."

India - "...they showed very very graphically what really happened that dark day in Suzuka..."

Switzerland - "...he could have killed not only Alain Prost, but even spectators and marshalls at the track..."

Brazil - Senna's supporter: " [expletive] [expletive]..."

UK - "...I was ten years old and gutted to see Alain get bosched by the Brazilian..."

Australia - "...I was pleased to see that Prost was still alive ... and an after thought that Senna was too..."