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Suzuka Special 2005

Senna crashed into Prost deliberately at high speed
Witness it in Nigel Mansell's cockpit

On Oct 21, 1990, at the start of the Japanese Grand Prix, Ayrton Senna hit Alain Prost out of the track deliberately. Prost must win the race to defend his world champion title. By wrecking Prost's Ferrari out of the race, Senna not only crowned himself "world champion", he also promised his soul to Satan.

If you don't see the movie clips playing already, click on the links above to see how dangerously Senna did it. If you ever want to defend Ayrton Senna, sit in any vehicle of your choice (my advice: pick a tank) and ask someone to crash into it like Senna did - if you ever find someone that stupid!

Satan might have won a stupid world champion title, but as long as we do not forget Suzuka'90 and continue to condemn it, Satan remains what it is: a loser.