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Delphine's Personal Profile

Full Name Delphine Prost-Frey
Nationality French & Swiss
Date of Birth Saturday, 13th September 1986
Place of Birth Reims (France)
Hometown Herdern (Switzerland)
Father Jean-Jacques Frey
Brother Franklin Frey, Lille (France)
Sisters - Caroline Frey, Lacroix sur Lutry (Switzerland), born March 4, 1978
- Céline Le Gallais-Frey, Paris, Ile-De-France (France), born May 29, 1980
Children 2 sons:
  • Kimi (born 11.11.2015)
  • Mika (born 27.12.2020)
Marital status Married to Nicolas Prost
Their civil marriage took place in June 2012
The church wedding was on August 19, 2012 in Gstaad (Switzerland)
Profession Delphine studied industrial design at "Ecole cantonale d'art de Lausanne".
Hobbies Equestrian Sports, reading
Nickname Dedeline

Delphine's Equestrian Results

Delphine has been participating in equestrian events from 1998 to 2002.

Delphine's results 1998
Delphine's results 1999
Delphine's results 2000
Delphine's results 2001
Delphine's results 2002

Delphine's Photo Gallery

Delphine Frey Photo Gallery

Photos of items designed by Delphine Frey

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Delphine Frey

Delphine was born in Reims (France) in 1986. She has both French and Swiss origins. After spending her childhood in the Champagne region, she moved to Switzerland in 2001. Once she obtained her French baccalaureate she proceeded to study design at the ECAL in Lausanne (Switzerland). Following her first cycle at ECAL, she pursued a bachelor in Marketing and Communication in Geneva (Switzerland). She came back to the ECAL in 2008 and obtained the Mas-Luxe diploma in 2009. After graduating, she worked two years at ECAL.

In 2010, Delphine started her own studio, where she creates objects for different companies in the exclusive universe. Her work is presented in various exhibitions, museums and galleries, such as Design Miami-Basel, or the Galerie Kreo in Paris who is editing the lamp Slim&Strong.

Delphine received the Wallpaper design award of the best clock for "Perpetual Illusion". The association of different universes, from tradition to state of the art technology, leads to an unexpected use of the material and result into fresh and elegant creations. Paradox of materials, dream and quality of the know-how - these are the heart beats that animate the work and passion of Delphine, who sign each creation with a poetic dimension.

In Delphine's perspective, design should be an invitation to dream, an open door for a new universe… Design should give an object an addition of soul and character that should induce an emotion, generate a desire, remind a souvenir, narrate a story, surprise the senses…

‘People must be proud of the objects they use’, said Delphine when she was in between studying at Ecal and taking a master's degree at the Bocconi school in Milan. ‘Objects must make them feel beautiful, just as a beautiful dress makes you feel like a movie star.’ As such, people-watching is her chief source of inspiration; when she is dreaming up a new object, she does so by imagining something that her mother or her sisters would love to have. ‘They are sort of my muses,‘ she reflects.

When Delphine designed her famous ice cone, it was with her mother in mind – ‘I could perfectly imagine her so happy to be serving ice cream in porcelain.’ As a child, Delphine was interested in fashion and design. She drew dresses, she read design magazines and she interior decorated her doll’s house before she even knew what being a designer meant.

One thing she does know is that, when it comes to her design ethos, function plays second fiddle to form: ‘I try to make every day gestures more funny or more beautiful. I am not so focused on the usefulness.’

When being asked, whom she would most like to work with, Delphine said: 'I’d love to work for Moooi. Their products give the impression that they allow their designers a lot of freedom to create, to explore new materials, new ways of doing things.'

Delphine took part in the Lausanne Triathlon on August 31, 2008. She was in a team called the "Flying Balls" with her fiancée Nicolas Prost and Nicolas' brother Sacha Prost. Please click here for the results from Lausanne.

In July 2012, she took part in the 11th Zermatt Marathon, where she formed a team with a friend of hers, Nastassia Orlando, who works as a personal trainer at Live On. In August 2012, Delphine was doing the running part for the team called "The Prosts" in the 24th Triathlon de Nyon, where she formed a team with her husband Nico Prost and his brother Sacha.

Click here for an interview with Delphine Frey, taken from the Australian magazine PARADISE MAG from October 2009.

Delphine Frey is the president of the company Lesmo Sàrl in Féchy (Switzerland).

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