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Jackie Stewart after interviewing Senna before 1990 Australian GP:

I think he honestly believes what he's saying, but then so did Hilter.


Murray Walker on Senna's taking Prost off at 150mph:

After it had happened Senna vehemently denied that it was deliberate, but subsequently he admitted that it had been. As a man and a driver he had my greatest admiration and respect but I never forgave him for that.


Damon Hill on Senna's fatal accident:

I am convinced that he made a mistake, but many people will never believe that he could. Why not? He made many mistakes in his career.

He was identified with pushing to the limit and beyond. He would often prefer to crash into his opponent rather than be defeated.

These opinions are sacrilege in the world of driving gods. Ayrton was a great driver and a man with enormous humanity. He was not a god. He was as frail and vulnerable as you or I to the need to show what we are made of, and to whatever personal motives drove him to feel that risking his life was proof of his integrity.

It was not the fault of anyone else that he kept his foot flat when he could have lifted, but Ayrton had to be this demigod "Senna", and "Senna" does not shrink from fear. And in that moment he fulfilled all our sorry needs for a hero for whom death is just an occupational hazard.

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