PARADISE MAG, 01.10.2009

Chat with A1 Team France Driver Nicolas Prost

What do you think of this new A1GP race location - Surfers Paradise?
I think it is going to be amazing to take part in the event at Surfers Paradise and Iím really looking forward to being there with A1 Team France.

What does it feel like to race for your country?
It is a very big responsibility! Itís really nice to represent your country around the world but, itís also a lot of pressure on me to do well and make my country proud.

How do you prepare for a race?
I try to get a lot of rest and to be in a perfect physical and mental shape for the race. I donít do anything special but I try to avoid any unnecessary stress in the few days leading up to a race.

Your hero?
My two racing heroes are obviously my father Alain Prost - four-time Formula One Driversí World Champion, and Fernando Alonso. My non-motorsport hero is Lance Armstrong.

Favourite car? (you donít race in)
Probably the Ferrari California

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