LOTUS F1 TEAM, 27.01.2013

Nico Prost Q&A

How good is it to be continuing to work with Lotus F1 Team?
Itís really an honour to continue working with the team as it means that Iíve done a good job; last year in particular. 2012 was interesting as I started doing some proper testing with the R30, on demo tyres. Since then, Iíve been working with the team on the simulator and technical programmes plus I completed the Abu Dhabi test in 2012, which was great.

You did do a good job on the first day of the Young Driver Test last year; looking back now, how significant and important was that test?
The test was very important; obviously when people put trust in you and give you that opportunity you want to deliver and we had a very challenging programme. It was also my first time in Abu Dhabi and at the Yas Marina Circuit so I had a lot to pick up quite quickly! At a test like this, no-one except the team can understand how well you perform. None of the different teams run the same tyres, no one runs the same fuel and you donít know what types of test each team are running in the car. So if Lotus F1 Team was happy with my performance then thatís the most important thing to me and so to earn my current position shows the significance of that test.

Whatís your perception of the team? How have you seen the team grow and what is the feeling that you get from Enstone?
I would describe Enstone as being a big family; when people talk about F1 itís always that it is full of sharks, but in this team everyone I meet is so nice. The people are friendly Ė they want to win, they want to work and there is a very good atmosphere here. Every time I come here, should it be for a seat fit, or to come to train at the sport centre itís always a pleasure and I think thatís one of the biggest strengths of the team. For me, just to be in Formula 1 is already quite an achievement, but it is fantastic to be involved with one of the best teams Ė and I think Lotus F1 Team is really one of the best, and the underdog who is scaring everyone!

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