News of 12th March 2008

Nicolas Prost was testing in Vallelunga!

Nicolas Prost (Cerveza Sol ELK Motorsport) was taking part in the two days collective test session of the Euroseries 3000 which took place in Vallelunga (Italy) on March 10, 2007 and March 11, 2007.

Nicolas was driving the third fastest time on day two behind Luiz Razia and Fabio Ondin after finishing in sixth position on day 1.

At the end of the two day test session, Nicolas said: "I am satisfied with the work done in these two sessions with my team. Unfortunately, the rain has affected us greatly, but today I managed to get a good time and take greater confidence with the car and the team."

Below the overall results after two days:

1Luiz RaziaCerveza Sol ELK Motorsport124.433
2Fabio OnidiGP Racing1'24.623
3Nicolas ProstCerveza Sol ELK Motorsport125.270
4Marcello PuglisiGP Racing125.543
5Omar LealDurango125.684
6Giacomo RicciELK Motorsport126.427
7Fabio BerettaELK Motorsport127.388
8Celso MiguezScuderia Playteam127.628
9Francesco DraconeEmmebi127.781
10Alessandro PierguidiScuderia Playteam128.242
11Matteo CozzariTP Formula131.582
12Ramon ZapataEmmebi134.639

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