News of 21st April 2010

Nico will drive the Renault R29 at Magny-Cours!

Nicolas Prost on EurosportNico Prost will be driving a Renault R29 F1 car at the Renault F1 Roadshow during the World Series by Renault week-end in Magny-Cours (France), which takes part on June 19 and 20, 2010.

This was announced by Nico himself two days ago in the show Autocritique, which airs on Mondays after each Formula 1 Grand Prix on Eurosport France.

The Renault F1 Roadshow events are always great fun for the fans. Away from the pressure of a Grand Prix weekend the sole purpose is to make F1 accessible to the public.

Nico will probably have the chance to test the Formula 1 car during a shakedown of a few kilometers at Losange. The shakedown is expected to happen shortly before the Roadshow.

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