News of 30th April 2006

Nicolas Prost takes the lead!

Nicolas Prost in Magny-CoursRacing Engineering had a great time in Magny-Cours, France, this week-end. Javier Villa finished twice in second position with a B class car, while Nicolas Prost (30 pts) took the lead of the championship after race 2. Racing Engineering (41 pts) also leads the teamsí championship.

On race 1, yesterday, Javier wanted to show he hadnít lost his speed. He did it perfectly, and did it again today. He decided not to fight for the win and to take it easy at the end of the race, though, as he wonít be a contender for the title this year. Nevertheless, he crossed the line right behind the winning driver.

Nicolas Prost finished the first race on the podium after a great fight yesterday. He got 4th position today after another good race. He has finished four races out of four and has shown a lot of consistency since the beginning of the season.

Miguel Molina has been unlucky, as he couldnít take part to the race: his fire extinguisher exploded during the formation lap today. Sergio Jimenez encountered some tyre problems and, despite a promising laptime set during the warm-um this morning, he had to fight against understeer all race long. He finished todayís race in 6th position.

Finally, Marcos Martinez did his best despite some physical problems, high fever yesterday and an aching body today. He finished 7th today and scored some valuable points.

Nicolas Prost said: "Iím happy. Itís been another good week-end for us. I got my first podium of the season yesterday, and Iím now leading the championship. Thanks a lot to the team: everybody did a great job."

Alfonso de Orleans said: "Itís been a positive week-end for us. Nicolas leads the championship tonight and Javier showed why heís one of our GP2 drivers. His car was six years old! This said, we want to do even better. Weíve got a great potential and we must maximise it. Finally, Iím disappointed for Miguel: he could have done well this week-end. The whole team did a great job and, once again, Iím proud of them."

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