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Alan in Malaysian GP 2000

Webmaster meets V.I.P.!


This is my first time going to a Grand Prix. I met a lot of great people, one of them very great. Despite the fact that Prost didn’t get the 7th place finish they wished for, I really loved the race itself.

It was Thursday afternoon when I arrived in Kuala Lumpur. I had dinner rather late at night in a hotel and now guess what I saw – Sir Jackie Stewart, 3-time Formula One World Champion, hero of my hero Alain Prost, was having dinner there too!

I came up to him with my camera, asked if I might have a picture with him. Someone in a green Jaguar shirt took a picture of us. Sir Stewart actually shook hands with me and asked where I came from and whether I was going to see the Grand Prix on Sunday. He was such a nice gentleman. I’ll never forget this wonderful moment!

Friday practice was nothing exciting as expected. But when everyone was leaving the circuit I met a group of people all wearing blue Prost "Yahoo!" caps! I talked with them and found out that they had some advertising business relationship with the Prost team! And that’s why they were there. Some of them were from Hong Kong, too. A Swiss gentleman told me that I might have a chance to see Alain Prost on Saturday if I were with them, because they would go down to the pitlane!

After qualifying on Saturday the gentlemen tried to arrange in vain to let me visit the Prost garage. But I did meet two Prost team people. Regretfully I forgot to have pictures with them.


herbertwrecks.jpg (8992 bytes)

Johnny Herbert did not end his F1 career in the way he wanted it to be. He wrecked his Jaguar due to a suspension failure and needed to be carried out of the car suffering a bruised knee. Here the Jaguar was in its way back to the pit after the race.

prostgarage.jpg (12583 bytes)

Nick Heidfeld wasn't any luckier in his last race for Prost Grand Prix. The #15 car was waiting to be attended by the mechanics in blue shirts after the race. Jean Alesi finished the race, but it was not good enough to put Prost ahead of Minardi in the final standing. No one in the Prost garage seemed to be happy.

frentzen.jpg (4596 bytes)Heinz Harald Frentzen pushing his car after it broke down in the pitlane entrance in Sunday warmup. Where were the Jordan mechanics? You can't believe it. They were right there ready to help but for one whole minute they were not allowed to enter this "restricted zone". Didn't the race stewards understand how important one minute was to a driver and to a GP team on a race day??!!

schueywins.jpg (14651 bytes)

Michael Schumacher crossing the chequer flag. Ferrari fans all went crazy. This shot was the best I could do with my simple automatic camera.